Used Audi A5 Coupe 2007 - 2016 review

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(2007 - 2016)
Audi A5 Coupe (07 - 16)
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What's the used Audi A5 coupe like?

It's not often you find a car that's nearly as successful at the end of its lifespan as it was at the beginning, but the Audi A5 Coupe was a sales hit from the beginning and it just kept on going.

What makes that even more interesting is that the A5's styling isn't radically different from that of the A4 saloon, but this two-door has a far sportier profile. People seemed to like it, and this car, originally launched in 2007 and updated with a mild facelift in 2012, is now in high demand as a used buy, too, with some highly competitive forecourt prices.

Looks-wise, that success isn't surprising. For those who seek the quality of an Audi in a coupe body but need the occasional four-seater, the A5 Coupe has always been in a class of one.

It's not all a clear-cut road to victory, though. Inside, although there's decent space up front for the driver and passenger, the offset pedal position can cause the driver some discomfort. On top of that the rear seats are short of head and leg room. At least the long front doors provide good access. The boot is a decent size and shape, and the rear seats fold down to increase the load space.

On the road, the A5 Coupe has a range of punchy and efficient engines and it always feels quite refined, although it can feel a little ponderous through bends and it has rather dull steering. The ride is firm, especially with the optional sports suspension.

In 2012, the A5 family was given an overdue facelift, which gave the whole Coupé range a sharper, more intense presence on the road. Key to this change in prominence was the new head and rear lights, the new LED day-running lights, new bumpers and a revamped front grille.


Audi A5 Coupe (07 - 16)
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