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Interior layout
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Interior layout

The interior layout, fit and finish

For a supercar, the R8 is relatively easy to see out of. The rear window is small, but front and rear parking sensors are standard and make life that bit easier. A rear-view camera is optional. The Performance model has LED headlights with additional laser main beam assistance; this works at speeds above 37mph and provides extremely bright and effective main beams at night.

The R8’s multi-function steering wheel controls many things, including the driving modes – which allow you to soften or sharpen the car’s responses and alter the engine’s note via the switchable sports exhaust – and on-screen menus. You can also control the whole infotainment and sat-nav system (viewed through the 12.3in digital screen in the driver’s binnacle) via the steering wheel, although the rotary controller mounted behind the gear selector is often the easier way of interacting with it.

Otherwise, the air-con controls are logical and the dash is generally easy to use, and it feels exquisitely finished and well put together, albeit not as flamboyant in design as some rivals.

The standard seats are quite firm but offer good support and a wide breadth of adjustment that should suit almost any shape of driver. The Performance comes with heavily bolstered bucket seats with a fixed backrest, but that doesn’t stop them feeling comfortable. When you start to drive in a more spirited manner, they really hold you in place. The R8’s two pedals line up nicely with the driver’s seat, ensuring you aren’t at an awkwardly skewed angle, but despite the range of steering wheel adjustment on offer, the driving position isn't quite as natural and perfect as it is in, say, a 570S or 911.

Audi R8 interior driving position
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