Used Bentley Continental GT 11-present

Used Bentley Continental GT 2011-2018 review

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Which used Bentley Continental GT coupe should I buy?

Bentley’s 4.0 V8 is borrowed from the Volkswagen Group, but it’s a corker and makes far more sense than the W12. It pulls very hard from low revs and loves to be pushed. It’s not exactly frugal, but next to the W12 it looks like an economical choice. You can also have an extra 20bhp in the V8 S version.

There’s no doubt that Bentley’s W12 engine makes a statement, but you’ll need incredibly deep pockets to keep it on the road. It’s also a fair bit heavier than the V8, so it doesn’t handle as well. We prefer the smaller engine.

There are varying trim levels available new and used, but the different 20in wheels, more power, lowered suspension, bigger brakes and sports exhaust all work to make the S the best version of the Continental to drive and it's also the best-sounding.

Our favourite Bentley Continental GT Coupé 4.0 V8 S


Used Bentley Continental GT 11-present
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