Used BMW 5 Series 2003 - 2010 review

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(2003 - 2010)
BMW 5 Series (03 - 11)
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What's the used BMW 5 Series saloon like?

The BMW 5 Series has long been a popular choice with company car drivers and fleet managers, so there are plenty of examples on the used market.

This fifth-generation car was quite controversial when it was first introduced, due to its non-traditional styling. However, this means it still looks striking and refreshingly modern today.

The 5 Series also offers a sportier drive than most big executive saloons, thanks to sharp, responsive steering and tight body control. Yet. it’s still reasonably compliant and composed over bumps as long as you avoid the biggest wheels and stiffer M Sport suspension.

If you do decide you want an M Sport car, due to the sportier looks that these have, make sure you take a thorough test drive to be sure you can live with the ride.

Whichever trim you choose, the interior of the BMW 5 Series is a pleasant and stylish place to be, with excellent build quality, while a wide range of steering wheel and seat positions ensure most drives can get comfortable.

There's room for three in the back, too, although the large transmission tunnel that runs down the spine of the car means the middle seat is definitely the least comfortable.

The boot is big enough for a couple of large suitcases, but the shape of the opening means loading can be tricky.


BMW 5 Series (03 - 11)
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