Used BMW 5 Series Saloon 17-present

Used BMW 5 Series Saloon 2017-present review

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What should I look for in a used BMW 5 Series saloon?

The 5 Series is a big car, and while you ge parking sensors as standard, you should still check the alloy wheels for kerb grazes. Smaller ones are OK, but anything that looks sizeable or has caused a chunk to be taken out of the wheel might suggest a high-speed impact which could have affected the suspension behind it.

You’ll also find a great deal of electronic toys inside the 5 Series, so spend some time familiarising yourself with all the buttons’ functions and check that they all do what they’re supposed to.

Used BMW 5 Series Saloon 17-present

What are the most common problems with a used BMW 5 Series saloon?

Is a used BMW 5 Series saloon reliable?

Unfortunately, we don't have any data on this 5 Series because it’s still a little too new. However, if its predecessor is anything to go by, the news isn’t good; it didn’t fare particularly well in our 2017 Reliability Survey, coming 7th out of 8 luxury cars, with a score of 62%. BMW as a whole, meanwhile, came 17th out of the 32 car manufacturers in the survey.


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