Used BMW X3 2018 - present review

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What should I look for in a used BMW X3 4x4?

Make sure you check the alloy wheels for kerb damage, particularly on M Sport cars with larger wheels that are more susceptible to striking something. Parking sensors are standard on the X3, so parking dents and scratches shouldn’t be a major issue. Even so, make sure there are no poor-quality paint repairs to the bumpers and bodywork, because these could void the corrosion warranty if they weren’t carried out to the manufacturer's specification.

The interior is filled with lots of high-quality materials, but since these types of cars tend to be used by families, you should make sure there are no stains on the boot carpet or in the footwells – particularly on X3s with a light interior colour.


What are the most common problems with a used BMW X3 4x4?

The BMW X3 is too new to have been included in the latest What Car? Reliability Survey, but BMW as a brand didn’t do particularly well, ranking a middling 16th out of 31 car brands.

Four recalls have been launched so far for this generation of X3. The first relates to a rear spoiler that can come loose on cars built up to 22 February 2018. The fuel supply could be restricted on vehicles made up until 21 January 2018, while the inflator in the driver’s airbag might not be up to specification and could require a replacement module for examples built until 12 March 2018. The latest recall is for rear brake caliper pistons that haven’t been coated correctly at the factory and could cause the brakes to feel spongy on cars produced between 16 April 2018 and 8 June 2018.  

Is a used BMW X3 4x4 reliable?

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