Used BMW X5 2007 - 2013 review

Ownership cost

(2007 - 2013)
BMW X5 (07 - 13)
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Ownership cost

What used BMW X5 4x4 will I get for my budget?

The diesel BMW X5 3.0d was the most popular model by quite some margin, and if high mileages hold no fear then £7500 will buy you one with over 150,000 miles, increasing to £10,000 if you want a sub-100,000-mile car. Note, these figures are for the SE trim – you’ll need to increase the budget by £2000 to get an M Sport. Meanwhile, prices for a facelift 30d with 50,000 miles on the clock start at £20,000.

If you don’t cover many miles a petrol model could be for you, but you’ll struggle to find a 3.0-litre as so few were sold. The V8-engined 4.8i (or xDrive50i in facelift guise) offers a lot of car for the money – a 2007 4.8i with 60,000 miles costs £13,000, while a facelift xDrive50i from 2011 with 40k miles costs £18,000.

If you want the wildest X5, look for the 542bhp X5 M, and be prepared to pay at least £36,000.

BMW X5 (07 - 13)

How much does it cost to run a BMW X5 4x4?

An X5 will obviously cost more to run than an equivalent BMW 5 Series estate but it shouldn’t be ruinously expensive. Road tax costs £305 a year for pre-facelift diesels and £280 for the facelifted cars, while the short-lived 3.0i petrol is £520 per year to tax. Pre-facelift 4.8s fall into the highest tax bracket at £535, as does the X5 M, while the later xDrive50i is £520.

Sadly, it’s not just road tax that’s expensive. Fuel economy suffers as a result of the permanent four-wheel drive, bluff aerodynamics and sheer weight of an X5. Don’t expect more than 29mpg out of a diesel X5, while a V8 petrol will struggle to better 20mpg.

Thanks to BMW’s fixed price servicing menu, servicing isn’t as expensive as you might expect. An oil service for a diesel costs from £161, whereas for a petrol X5 it’s £186. The biggest services come around every 60,000 miles or so, for which you can expect to pay in the region of £700.

Also bear in mind that a set of quality run-flat tyres for an X5 with 19-inch alloy wheels will cost £1000.


BMW X5 (07 - 13)
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