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Citroen Berlingo Electric review

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Citroën has always been one to push the envelope, whether it be with unusual designs or experimental technologies. Years ago, it pioneered energy management to improve fuel economy in its humble Berlingo van by making the alternator more efficient and recovering small amounts of kinetic energy. 

This was an early indication that harnessing wasted energy was on its radar and that a battery Berlingo was a possibility. And when the Citroën Berlingo Electric and its Peugeot Partner Electric twin arrived, they certainly helped popularise the concept of small battery-powered vans. 

Now every manufacturer is rushing to install batteries into their small vans, though, so is the Berlingo Electric still able to slog it out with rivals such as the Renault Kangoo ZE and Nissan eNV200?

Well, with its batteries located under the floor, there is no compromise to the Berlingo Electric’s load space, meaning it has a capacity of up to 3.7 cubic metres. Power is provided by a single 49kW motor that returns an official range of 106 miles. 

Just one trim level is available, too, making the Berlingo Electric one of the most straightforward line-ups of any van range.

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