Used Ferrari California 2009 - 2015 review

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2009 - 2015 review
Ferrari California (09 - 15)
  • Ferrari California (09 - 15)
  • Ferrari California (09 - 15)
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Our recommendations

Which used Ferrari California sports should I buy?

Every California gets a 453bhp V8 engine and an automatic F1-inspired gearbox, allowing for a sub-four second 0-60mph time and a top speed of more than 190mph. It sounds fantastic, but while the California is useable, don't expect it to be frugal.

Customers were allowed to personalise the California almost as they liked inside, so there are likely to be a range of colours and textures on the used market.

Touch-screen sat-nav, a satellite tracking system to pinpoint the car if it's stolen, tyre pressure monitoring, electric heated seats and the full gamut of Formula One-derived traction and stability aids, plus carbon-ceramic brakes are all included.