Ford Grand C-Max review

Ford Grand C-Max
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Sometimes an additional pair of seats are extremely useful. Maybe it’s a couple of unplanned extra passengers to transport home from a kids’ party, or you need to deliver some of the footy team to a weekend match. Either way, cars such as the Ford Grand C-Max come in handy.

Like the regular C-Max on which it’s based, the Grand C-Max is an MPV; but it has two extra seats that fold up out of the boot floor, taking the total number of seats from the C-Max’s five to seven. Being a seven-seater opens the Grand C-Max up to rivals such as the Citroën Grand C4 Picasso, Renault Grand Scenic and BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer.

Read on for our full review, including what the Grand C-Max is like to drive, how spacious and practical it is inside and which models you should be looking to buy. Once you’re done, make sure to head to our What Car? deals page and bag yourself a bargain.


Ford Grand C-Max
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