Honda NSX Coupe (16-present)

Used Honda NSX Coupe 2016-present review

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What used Honda NSX coupe will I get for my budget?

The NSX is still so new that prices won’t have settled down yet; nevertheless, at the time of writing, early examples start from £125,000, though as most have relatively low mileages, you’ll probably want to budget a little more than that. That means the NSX is priced on a par with most of its rivals, though the Audi R8 is cheaper.

Honda NSX Coupe (16-present)

How much does it cost to run a Honda NSX coupe?

The NSX is capable of some remarkable fuel consumption figures thanks to its hybrid engine setup; its official average figures better almost all of its rivals. However, a Porsche 911 Turbo S gets even better fuel efficiency. What’s more, because the NSX is a hybrid, it follows the usual hybrid tendency for fuel economy that’s remarkable around town, but uninspiring on the motorway. So if you plan on doing regular long-distance trips, you might find it works out rather more costly to run than you’re expecting.

Expect to pay £450 a year to tax your NSX, too – on a par with its rivals – unless you buy one of the handful registered before the tax rules changed on 1 April 2017, in which case you’ll pay the older rate of £540, which is based on its emissions.

Servicing costs are, as you might expect, rather more costly than your average Honda, and further complicated by the fact there are only two Honda dealerships in the UK that are able to service it – and both are in London. That makes it rather more awkward to maintain than most rivals.


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