Used Jaguar XF Saloon (15-present)

Used Jaguar XF Saloon 2015-present review

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What should I look for in a used Jaguar XF saloon?

At the moment it’s a little too early in the Jaguar XF’s life for us to have a full picture of any common problems, but we have heard of some quality glitches on early cars, so we'd advise you to check any prospective purchase over very carefully indeed. Listen especially for rattles and squeaks on a test drive, as they could require lengthy investigation to resolve.

Neither are electrical glitches unheard of, so be sure to make sure everything works as it should on your inspection – that includes the touchscreen, which is a complex bit of equipment, so warrants more than simply turning it on and off to check it powers up. Go through the menus and check everything functions fine and, if possible, make sure the Bluetooth works by connecting up your phone. If it freezes or crashes, walk away – especially if the car is no longer covered under warranty.

Used Jaguar XF Saloon (15-present)

What are the most common problems with a used Jaguar XF saloon?

Is a used Jaguar XF saloon reliable?

Our 2017 Reliability Survey resulted in a score of 66% for the XF, which isn’t disastrous, but neither is it particularly glowing either. In short, we reckon you can expect average reliability for the XF.

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