Used Lexus RX 2000 - 2003 review

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(2000 - 2003)
Used Lexus RX 2000 - 2003
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What's the used Lexus RX 4x4 like?

Of all the SUVs, the RX is one of the most likely to shriek if you ever took it anywhere near mud. This is a car designed to be used almost exclusively on Tarmac, and that's where it's at its best. In fact, if you treat it as a posh estate car with extra ground clearance, you'll be bang on the money.

On the road, it has an awful lot in common with Lexus's executive saloons. Its comfort and refinement, in particular, are excellent: the V6 engine is very smooth, the automatic gearbox slick (although it would have been better with five, rather than four, ratios), the ride comfortable and the handling superb. On the motorway, the vehicle is almost silent, apart from a little wind noise from around the big wing mirrors.

Both models are very well equipped, and there's plenty of space for both passengers and luggage.