Used Mercedes-Benz CLK Coupe 1997 - 2003 review

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1997 - 2003 review
Used Mercedes-Benz CLK Coupe 1997 - 2003
  • Used Mercedes-Benz CLK Coupe 1997 - 2003
  • Used Mercedes-Benz CLK Coupe 1997 - 2003
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What's the used Mercedes CLK coupe like?

The Mercedes CLK is an elegant four-seater coupe, with excellent space in the front and enough room for two adults in the back. An effective tilt-and-slide seat mechanism makes it easy to climb into the rear quarters as well, but the boot is only big enough for two suitcases.

The coupe borrows much of its style from the bigger SL roadster and E-Class saloon. The instruments are well laid out, the seats are well shaped and comfort levels are excellent, especially in models fitted with electric seat and steering wheel adjustment. And, for a coupe, it also has decent visibility.

The CLK is most at home on motorways and sweeping main roads, where it feels as stable and comfortable as a Mercedes saloon. It struggles more on challenging roads and tight bends, and the more powerful versions, like the AMG, can feel too powerful for their own good. However, all models get a range of traction and stability aids to keep things in check, which is good news.