Used Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe 2009-2017 review

Ownership cost

(2009 - 2017)
Used Mercedes E-Class Coupe 2009-2017
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Ownership cost

What used Mercedes E-Class coupe will I get for my budget?

Early models with high mileage start at £5500, but we’d suggest you spend a bit more for a sub-100,000 mile car with a full service history that will start at around £7500-£8000. A facelifted model from late 2013 or later with an average mileage should be around £13,000, while the newest examples can cost as much as £24,000, depending upon the specification and engine.

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Used Mercedes E-Class Coupe 2009-2017

How much does it cost to run a Mercedes E-Class coupe?

All of the diesels and the four-cylinder petrols are actually pretty frugal. Both the E200 and E250 petrols have an NEDC economy figure of 42.2mpg and kick out 156g/km of CO2. The E220 diesel is the best on fuel, at 57.6mpg and 131g/km, but the more powerful E250 diesel isn’t far off that, at 55.4mpg and 134g/km.

The six-cylinder E350 petrol has an average figure of 40.4mpg and 164g/km, while the E350 diesel is better, at 47.1mpg and 157g/km. The big V8 petrol E500 is the thirstiest of the range, at only 31.7mpg and 209g/km, which is probably why the E400 with its smaller turbocharged 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine was brought in to replace it after the facelift. The E400 has much more palatable figures of 37.2mpg and 176g/km.

Most examples of this generation of E-Class Coupé will fall under the previous road tax system, which was based upon the amount of CO2 a car emitted, with only the very last examples registered after the 1 April 2017 changeover date to the current flat rate system. On those, watch out for the surcharge for cars that cost £40,000 or more when new, because it will make them much more expensive to tax. Read more about road tax costs here.

Servicing costs will be higher than they are for rivals from Audi and BMW, and Mercedes-Benz doesn’t do cheaper main dealer servicing for older cars, so running an E-Class Coupé could be expensive. It might, therefore, be a good idea to investigate whether there's an independent Mercedes specialist near you that can carry out the same level of service using the same genuine parts, because they'll charge an awful lot less.

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Used Mercedes E-Class Coupe 2009-2017
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