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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe
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What's the used Mercedes S-Class Coupe coupe like?

For years, those looking for the most refined, most technically advanced and the most pleasant car to drive, and in which to be driven, have beaten a path to Mercedes’ door to get themselves inside an S-Class saloon, the flagship of the German manufacturer’s range. In fact, if ever a car has deserved the title of best car in the world, it is universally agreed the S-Class has usually been it.

But what if you don’t need the four doors on offer in the saloon and would prefer something slightly more dashing for the drive down to the south of France? Well in years gone by Mercedes made the imperious CL class, in effect a two-door version of the then-current S-Class. Now, with this generation, launched in 2014, it’s gone the whole hog and called the two-door car the S-Class Coupe, and the result is stunning, not just to look at but to drive or to be driven in.    

It's available from new with a choice of three engines: an 'entry-level' 4.0-litre turbocharged V8 in the S560, an AMG-tuned 4.0-litre V8 in the raucous AMG S63 and a mighty 6.0-litre turbocharged V12 in the range-topping AMG S65. As far as trims go, the S63 and the S65 are AMG cars, so they get their own specifications that are mainly focused on mechanicals, such as reworked suspension and quicker steering to provide a more focused drive. Meanwhile, the S560 comes only in AMG Line trim and brings luxuries such as 19in alloy wheels, air suspension, climate control, keyless entry and start, a panoramic roof, metallic paint, automatic LED headlights, heated seats, wireless phone charging and a Burmester premium surround-sound hi-fi. If you find a car with the Premium Equipment Line trim, this adds features such as a 360deg parking camera, massaging front seats, nappa leather and front heated armrests.

On the road, this large and opulent coupe is a delight. The S560 comes with a powerful V8, and it’s a brilliantly refined motor, emitting little more than a muffled warble under light acceleration that rouses to a more guttural – but still wholly dignified – woofle when you give the right pedal a healthy prod.

Mercedes' nine-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox is an intelligent and smooth-changing unit, and, with Sport and Sport+ driving modes available, the S560 can hit 62mph from a standstill in just 4.6sec. Huge mid-range performance is the chief virtue of the AMG cars, with a wave of effortless and endless power and, in the V12 S65, a silky smooth delivery. It corners brilliantly, too, considering its size and weight, with plenty of grip and safe handling that borders on fun. There’s very little body lean in corners, even when pressing on, thanks to advanced tech that leans you into a corner as you go round it, to counteract the usual g-forces you might feel. The ride is equally meritorious, being smooth over motorways and urban ruts and only sharp potholes and irregularities occasionally catching it out. With a muted engine note at all times, the S-Class Coupe wafts, where other cars simply go galumphing down the road in a blaze of haphazard spurts.

If the refinement is top-notch, so is the luxury of the interior. The dashboard and surrounding areas are appealing styled, with soft-touch materials, leather and chrome, and the driving position is multi-adjustable, electronically, so it’s easy to find the perfect set-up. Mercedes' Comand Online infotainment system with a 12.3in colour screen remains visually impressive and relatively logical, if not quite as simple to navigate as BMW's iDrive, due to the number of menus and sub-menus, which can become a bit tiresome to cycle through. It's also less responsive than the BMW system, occasionally leaving you pressing twice for a function because you thought it hadn't registered.

Space up front is incredibly generous, while in the rear two six-footers may well be comfortable for short hops. At 400 litres, the S-Class Coupé's boot is more spacious than those in most of its rivals, too. That's easily enough room for your golf clubs or a generous selection of luggage for a weekend away.    

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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé
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