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 Used Mini Convertible 14-present
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What should I look for in a used Mini Convertible sports?

As with most used car purchases, check that all the electrics work as they should, the air-con still throws out cold air and there are no warning lights on the dashboard. The interior is well made and uses quality plastics, but make sure the seat material is in good condition considering it is exposed to the elements more than the regular Mini hatch.

You should pay close attention to the folding soft-top roof, because this is a highly complex part that’ll cost a fortune to repair if it is damaged. Make sure it folds correctly and that there are no rips on seams or any loose stitching. If you want to check for water leaks, head to an automatic car wash – all modern convertibles are designed to handle being washed in such a way and it’s a great opportunity for you to examine all the seals and spot if any water gets past them.

 Used Mini Convertible 14-present

What are the most common problems with a used Mini Convertible sports?

The last-generation Mini Convertible had some issues with the engine and gearbox, but this third-gen car seems to have resolved those problems. Even so, look out for any niggly glitches with the sat-nav (if fitted) and infotainment system.

Is a used Mini Convertible sports reliable?

The Mini Convertible didn’t feature in our latest What Car? reliability survey, but the Mini hatch on which it is based did. It finished middle of the table in the small car class – not bad, but not outstanding.

Mini as a brand didn’t do much better, coming in 22nd place out of 32 manufacturers – that's a fairly average result.

If you would like to see the full reliability list, head to the What Car? reliability survey pages for more information.

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 Used Mini Convertible 14-present
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