Used Mini Coupe 2011 - 2015 review

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(2011 - 2015)
Used Mini Coupe 11-15
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What's the used Mini Coupe coupe like?

Pick a hole and the BMW Mini range probably has it covered. For a time the firm even turned its charming little hatchback into a three-box, two-door, two-seat coupe and, on paper at least, a most appealing thing it was too.

It’s quite appealing to the eye, for starters. The front windscreen is heavily raked and the roof dropped to abnormally low levels to create the Coupe’s distinctive look. Despite impressions to the contrary, it’s actually a hatchback. Under the bonnet you can find any one of three different versions of the 1.6-litre petrol engine and a 2.0-litre diesel. The basic 122bhp 1.6-litre is reasonably quick, while the top-of-the-range JCW version packs 211bhp and certainly earns the stripes that it wears as part of its sporty demeanour.

In the way it attacks corners the Coupe is brimming with agility and offers the driver a great deal of involvement, especially so in JCW trim. The payback for all this is a firm ride in the lower spec versions and a positively crashy one in the sportier trims.

Added to that, the Coupe is noisy, cramped and unrefined, as well as being severely impractical. The dashboard is also a mess of switches that are overly styled and poorly located. If you can put up with those flaws, what you’ll have is a lively, agile, fast and responsive driver’s car with a certain amount of the Mini charm thrown in for good measure.

Sales of the Coupe were never expected to be a huge proportion of total Mini sales, and the car was eventually dropped, without replacement, in 2015.


Used Mini Coupe 11-15
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