Mitsubishi Galant Saloon (97 - 03)

Used Mitsubishi Galant Saloon 1997 - 2003 review

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(1997 - 2003)
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What's the used Mitsubishi Galant saloon like?

Family cars can be a very bland bunch. They each have their individual merits, but most of them look too similar. The Mitsubishi Galant, with its square-jawed, aggressive looks, is a big exception.

Admittedly, it's by no means the best car of its generation - a VW Passat is better on almost every count. But, the Galant is much cheaper to pick up used.

It's far from bad, though. The Galant handles reasonably well and cruises nicely on the motorway, and the only major complaint is that the ride is firm around town. Our favourite 2.0-litre engine is punchy and relatively frugal, although the V6 is a bit disappointing.

More of a problem is that the cabin isn't great. Some of the materials are cheap and the rear seats are tight in comparison to those in similar cars. That said, you do get a lot of equipment for little cash, and the Galant's reliability record is superb.