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Volkswagen Passat saloon 2019 LHD UK plate front tracking
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The executive car market can be broken down into two halves and the Volkswagen Passat has managed to firmly squeeze itself between the two. Mainstream models from the likes of Skoda and Vauxhall, offering a quality feel at a temptingly low price, form one side,  while more expensive, premium models, including those made by Audi, BMW and Mercedes, form the other. 

With its classily appointed interior, a focus on comfort over handling and prodigious space inside, the Passat is a tempting choice that seems to blend the best of both worlds. It offers a choice of petrol, diesel or plug-in hybrid power, manual or automatic gearboxes and a range of trim levels, so there are plenty of power and spec combinations to suit a broad scope of buyers and needs.

For those who need more luggage space than the Passat saloon can offer, there’s also the Volkswagen Passat Estate. Financially savvy company car users will find the plug-in hybrid Passat GTE appealing, and country dwellers might find that the rugged four-wheel-drive Passat Alltrack is right up their lane. But can any of the Passat’s executive rivals – from either the mainstream or premium end of the spectrum – offer a better all-round package?

Read on to find out in our full review, where we will inform on everything from handling impressions to driving position to illustrate how the Passat compares with its rivals. 

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Volkswagen Passat saloon 2019 LHD UK plate front head-on
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