2015 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross prices announced

* Suzuki freshens up the SX4 line-up * SZ4 trim level deleted * Four-wheel drive and CVT available on fleet-focused SZ-T for the first time...

2015 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross prices announced

Suzuki has updated its SX4 S-Cross range after a year on sale.

The cars themselves are essentially unchanged, but the models have been reworked to fill gaps in the launch line-up.

The range now consists of three trim levels; SZ3, SZ-T, and SZ5. The SZ4 trim option has been dropped.

Suzuki’s research shows that the majority of SX4 S-Cross buyers choose the SZ-T or SZ5 versions. The SZ-T trim level now has a petrol-powered CVT automatic gearbox and ALLGRIP four-wheel drive system available as options for the first time, meaning more customers can get the higher specification SX4 they would like.

There are also price changes across the SX4 range. The SZ3 and SZ5 petrol models now cost an extra £500, while the SZ-T petrol's price increases by £250. However, the diesel-powered SZ-Ts are now £250 cheaper, bringing the price difference between petrol and diesel models down to £1500.

All models are available to order now.

Suzuki S Cross SX4 2015 prices

Petrol models
1.6 SZ3 £15,499
1.6 SZ-T £17,999
1.6 SZ-T CVT £19,349
1.6 SZ5 £20,249
1.6 SZ5 CVT £21,599
1.6 SZ-T ALLGRIP £19,799
1.6 SZ5 ALLGRIP £22,049
1.6 SZ5 ALLGRIP CVT £22,949

Diesel models
1.6 DDiS SZ3 £16,999
1.6 DDiS SZ4 £17,999
1.6 DDiS SZ-T £19,499
1.6 DDiS SZ5 £21,749
1.6 DDiS SZ-T ALLGRIP £21,299
1.6 DDiS SZ5 ALLGRIP £23,549