2017 Audi Q2 - reader test team review

Audi's new Q2 represents the first time a prestige brand has entered this burgeoning marketplace. Aesthetically, how does it stack up against its cheaper rivals? Our readers give their verdicts...

Colin Moody

Age: 57Job: Corporate adviserDrives: Audi TT

2017 Audi Q2 - reader test team review

'The designers have maximised the space inside the Q2 well, and the boot is a great size, too. I love the way you can split and fold the rear seats. That means I could easily get my golf clubs in there. The boot also has a low loading lip.

‘The Q2 has some neat little extras, such as nets to stop things rolling around. There’s also a button that can lock the electrically opening boot in a certain position; that’s a fantastic feature.

‘Fairly often, people who are six feet tall will have the top of their heads touching the roof in a car of this size. However, Audi has cleverly sculpted out some space so that there’s enough head room. Rear leg room is good, too; a tall person can stretch their legs in the front and still have enough room in the back for a tall passenger to sit without their knees touching the front seatbacks.

‘The MMI infotainment system is good. One excellent techy feature is that instead of typing an address into the sat-nav, you can get an optional touchpad on the top of the rotary dial controller that will let you use your finger to handwrite it. It can also predict what you’re going to write, which is clever.’

Rated 4 out of 5

Paul Hodgkins

Age: 49Job: Consultancy business ownerDrives: Peugeot 207

2017 Audi Q2 - reader test team review

‘I want a car that’s functional and versatile, but one that is also going to look as sharp and sporty in five years’ time as it does today, so the Q2 is on my next car shortlist.

‘The exterior styling is a bold departure for Audi. It’s much sharper and more aggressive than the brand’s other SUVs, which is good. It sets a new direction for Audi that I think could make the Q3 and Q5 look a bit old-fashioned.

‘Some areas have familiar Audi styling, though. The new metallic grille doesn’t look that different from those of other Q models, although I do like the new octagonal effect on the slats. The only area of the Q2’s exterior styling I’m not convinced about is the rear end. To me it looks like a mutated Volkswagen Polo.

‘Audi should be careful with its marketing for the Q2, though. It’s being pitched at “younger drivers”, but I don’t want to feel old driving this car.

Rated 4 out of 5

‘The quality of the interior is very good. The materials in your eye line are very plush, but the lower down you go, it gets a bit plasticky, which is a little disappointing. However, for the price it’s acceptable.’

See more of the Audi Q2 in our video, below.