Audi Q2 long-term test: report 2

Earlier this year we named the Audi Q2 as the small SUV with the best interior – so can it be a suitable replacement for someone looking to downsize and save money?...

Darren in the back of the Audi Q2

The car Audi Q2 35 TFSI S line S tronic Run by Darren Moss, deputy digital editor

Why it’s here To prove that small SUVs can still offer the kind of comfort and luxury you’d expect from a larger, more expensive car

Needs to be comfortable for commuting, practical for longer trips, economical, and able to function as a mobile office

Mileage 403 List price £33,915 Target Price £32,432 Price as tested £35,635 Test economy 41.8mpg Official economy 45.6mpg

26 August 2023 – The view outside

I’ve been involved in two car accidents during my time at What Car? – both of which took place on a particular roundabout that I use on my commute to work.

I hasten to add that I wasn’t to blame on either occasion; instead, both incidents occured when another driver drifted between the lanes and hit me. But while they maybe didn’t look, I also think the poor visibility offered by many modern cars might have played a part.

Audi Q2 LT interior on the move

How does this relate to my Audi Q2? Well, because it’s an exception, not only giving an excellent view of the road ahead due to its elevated driving position, but also offering good all-round visibility, thanks to deep windows with comparatively slim pillars.

I reckon all of this not only minimises the chances of me failing to spot someone when changing lanes, but also gives me more chance of taking pre-emptive action when someone else fails to spot me.

In addition to putting me on a veritable pedestal, the Q2’s driver’s seat is nicely supportive, holding me in place through sharper bends and keeping me comfortable on long journeys. Plus, I have space to spread out – something which, as a larger driver, I can assure you isn't the case on all small SUVs.

Audi Q2 ambient interior lighting

It’s a different story in the rear of the Q2; although a couple of six-footers can sit behind someone similarly lanky in the front seats, they’re unlikely to want to be back there for long stretches.

On the other hand, no matter which seat you’re in, the Q2’s interior oozes quality. All of the areas you touch regularly – even in the back of the car – feel built to last and pleasantly squishy to touch. And at night, the ambient interior lighting of my car casts a pleasant glow, which I can even change the colour of to match my mood.

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