5-star cars with 7 seats

If you want the best seven-seat car around, then you've come to the right place. These are the models that have also gained our maximum five-star rating...

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Darren Moss
09 April 2017

5-star cars with 7 seats
5-star cars with 7 seats

The Touran is another regular What Car? award winner, having been named our favourite MPV for the past three years. We love its flexible, practical interior, the strong engine range and the plethora of discounts available. And while the MPV market as a whole is shrinking, the Touran still makes a good case for itself, mainly thanks to its pleasant driving style.

Our pick 1.6 TDI 115 SEList price £27,000What Car? deal price £21,772

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If you've got a large family, then you might be looking for a seven-seat car which can also take three child car seats – and finding one which can fit your needs can be tricky. Fear not, though, because in our tests we've named the SUVs and MPVs which can take three child car seats comfortably and safely. Just click the 'next' button below to find out more.