9th: Carrera Champion DL5-Y2 - 86

9th: Carrera Champion DL5-Y2 - 86

Carrera Champion DL5-Y2
RRP 95
Best of the web 86 (Otticanet.com)
Lens size 62mm


The large area of these 'aviator'-style glasses covered the bulk of our testers' field of vision, and the Carreras were comfy enough to wear, despite their hefty size. The lack of rubberised nose-bridge supports meant they slid down the nose, though, and the glasses weren't great at coping with glare.

Shop around and you'll get at least a fifth off the price. The best price we found was 86 at Otticanet.com, but delivery means forking out another 8.00. Wherever you buy, you get a hard case for your glasses.

The Champions' retro 80s style made these a bit different, but they won't look the part on everyone's face. The Champions don't feel or look like a near-100 pair of glasses, and the plastic frames were a bit low-rent. The hard case was rather tacky, too.

Special features
Lenses are made from CR-39, a special kind of plastic, which is more resistant to scratching than polycarbonate, but more prone to shattering. There are no special coatings or treatments on the lenses, but they do meet the European requirements for UV filtration.