Alfa Romeo Giulietta pictures

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26 February 2010
Alfa Romeo Giulietta pictures

Alfa Romeo has released new pictures of its Giulietta small family car, which makes its debut at the Geneva motor show next Tuesday.

The five-door car goes on sale in the UK in June and replaces the 147. Engines will vary in capacity from 1.4- to 2.0-litres with outputs from 104- to 168bhp.

There will also be 232bhp 1.8-litre Quadrifoglio Verde versions (Cloverleaf to you and me).

What's in a name?
The Giulietta name was used on one of the most famous Alfa models, originally built in the 1950s.

The new version was to be called the Milano, but because Alfa decided to leave Milan after more than 100 years of production in the city the name was switched.