Audi Q3 Sportback long-term test: report 5

Can a swoopy coupé SUV meet a young family's needs? Our senior photographer is living with an Audi Q3 Sportback to find out...

LT Audi Q3 Sportback - using gear selector

The car Audi Q3 Sportback 45 TFSI quattro S line S tronic Run by Will Williams, senior photographer  

Why it's here To see if the more style-led Sportback still works as a practical family SUV

Needs to Be comfortable, efficient and function as a mobile office, and have plenty of space for camera kit and the family

Mileage 7454 List price £39,725 Target Price £37,340 Price as tested £50,665 Test economy 26.2mpg Official Economy 32.1mpg

1 April – All the gears and a good idea

As a former biker, and early Mazda MX-5 owner, I do love an engine that feels like it wants to rev. And while the one in my Audi Q3 Sportback doesn't really fit this description when you just get in and go, Audi does provide a 'Drive select' button which brings up an onscreen menu through which you can change the car's characteristics.

You can even store your preferences (in my case, suspension in 'Comfort', steering and drive system in 'Balanced'). But if you want to switch to a different setup on the move you either have to delve back into the touchscreen, which is distracting, or repeatedly push the Drive select button, which also requires you to look at the screen as you cycle through the various options.

Fortunately, there is an alternative way of livening up the engine when conditions suit or demand, and that's by simply pulling the gear lever backwards to select the 'box's  'Sport' mode. This instantly makes the Q3's 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine feel more sprightly and is ideal for B-road overtakes.

Interestingly, Audi also puts a button on the steering wheel that allows you to save and quickly access your favourite functions, but sadly storing an alternative driving mode isn't one of the options.

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