Audi Q3 Sportback long-term test: report 4

Can a swoopy coupé SUV meet a young family's needs? Our senior photographer is living with an Audi Q3 Sportback to find out...

LT Audi Q3 Sportback door unlatched

The car Audi Q3 Sportback 45 TFSI quattro S line S tronic Run by Will Williams, senior photographer  

Why it's here To see if the more style-led Sportback still works as a practical family SUV

Needs to Be comfortable, efficient and function as a mobile office, and have plenty of space for camera kit and the family

Mileage 6474 List price £39,725 Target Price £37,340 Price as tested £50,665 Test economy 26.2mpg Official Economy 32.1mpg

12 March – Glitches and irritations

I'm now 6000 miles into my time with the Audi Q3 Sportback, and feeling largely at home. However, everyday life has revealed a few issues.

First, during heavy deluges of rain, water dribbles from the opened tailgate on to the outer corners of the boot – and therefore on to the contents within. It's nothing major, but mildly irritating nonetheless.

Second, the infotainment system occasionally throws a tantrum and freezes up. I've learned that holding down the on/off/volume knob for a few seconds reboots the system, after which it can be anything from a few hours to a fortnight before it crashes again.

LT Audi Q3 Sportback dashboard switches

Third, there's the mysterious, spectral calling of contacts from my phone even when I'm not on the phone menu; the first I'm aware of it is when I hear the ringing tone and the surprised voice of someone I haven't spoken to for years answering. 

And finally – and most seriously – on two occasions the front passenger door has failed to latch properly, leading to the door opening mid-journey. It's happened to both myself and my partner now, and neither of us has noticed a light on the dash, or a warning chime alerting us to the fact that all isn't right with everything door related.

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