Audi Quattro concept decision soon

* Spring decision on Quattro concept * Powerful, lightweight and very fast * 1340kg and 402bhp 2.5-litre turbo...

Audi Quattro concept decision soon

The decision on whether to turn the Audi Quattro concept into a production car will be taken this spring.

The concept was unveiled at last year's Paris motor show as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations of the original Quattro. The concept is notable for being short and light at around 1340kg, thanks to extensive use of aluminium and carbonfibre rather than steel. It is powered by a 402bhp 2.5-litre turbocharged engine with 355lb ft of torque.

'The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive," said Stephan Reil, head of Audi's quattro division. "The issues that now need to be considered are what technical solutions are required to make it a production reality, including what tooling we would need to invest in. Then we can see if there is a business case for the car.'

Audi is reportedly evaluating whether to sell the car in extremely limited numbers at a very high price, or extend production and sell cars at less of a premium. However, the car's extreme light weight is likely to mean it falls into the former category.

'Like all Audi show cars, I am confident we could build the Quattro to within 90% of the concept's looks and feel," added Reil. "There would be little changes, but only the sort you would notice on a second, very detailed look.'