New Audi Sport Quattro under evaluation

* Company boss confirms Quattro plans still on * Decision likely to be signed off this autumn * Audi Q4 and Audi Q8 also possible...

New Audi Sport Quattro under evaluation

The Audi Sport Quattro could be revived, company boss Rupert Stadler has confirmed.

A potential production car was previewed as the Sport Quattro Concept in 2013 and has subsequently been refined following feedback. Although it has not been confirmed, Audi is said to have been mulling whether to relaunch the Sport Quattro as a limited edition supercar positioned above the Audi R8 or a more high-end sports car, priced around £70,000.

Audi is currently investing 22 billion euros in R&D as it attempts to raise sales from its current level of 1.6 million cars a year to two million by 2020. As part of this plan, it has pledged to launch at least 11 new models by that date.

'It could be an Audi Q4, Audi Q8 or Audi Quattro - we have to analyse what different markets want and prioritise our decisions,' said Stadler. 'The only confirmed new model at the moment is the Audi Q1, which will launch in 2016 and will be our smallest SUV.'