Audi reveals slim, powerful R8 GT

* New range-topping R8 * Top speed of 199mph * 100kg lighter than standard R8 V10...

01 May 2010
Audi reveals slim, powerful R8 GT

This is Audi's R8 GT, the hottest version yet of its flagship sports car to hit the roads.

Audi has created this lighter, faster and more powerful version of the R8 through a raft of weight-reduction measures, aerodynamic tuning and engine upgrades, resulting in a car that will blast from 0-62mph in just 3.6 seconds, and accelerate on to nearly 200mph.

Trimmed and slimmed
The current production R8 V10 is no heavyweight at 1625kg, but the company's axemen have managed to slash a further 100kg for the new GT.

Weight-saving measures include thinner, lighter glass in the windscreen, along with the use of lightweight polycarbonate for the bulkhead between the cockpit and engine compartment.

There's also plenty of carbonfibre-reinforced plastic elsewhere on the bodywork to cut more mass, plus a lighter battery and a slimmed-down braking system to do the same. There's even a new lightweight carpet to trim an additional 7.9kg.

Power play
The R8 GT's bulk might have been slashed, but the end result is no underweight weakling. The 5.2-litre V10 engine has been modified to produce 552bhp, 34bhp up on the standard engine.

All this extra power propels the GT from 0-62mph in 3.6 seconds an improvement of .3 seconds on the standard V10. The GT tops out at 199mph. Even its average of 21mpg seems reasonable all things considered.

On the road
The increased power is controlled by some additional driving aids, including a manually adjustable suspension system, which can lower the car by up to 10mm. Revised front- and rear camber settings are also designed to make the car more agile than the standard model.

Power is delivered through an R Tronic sequential manual transmission, which electronically changes gears within a tenth of a second. The electronic management has an automatic mode with sport or normal settings, along with two manual modes for the more enthusiastic driver.

How much and when?
The Audi R8 GT order book opens in mid-May, when it will cost from 142,585.