Audi TT Ultra Quattro revealed

* Hardcore TT to be shown in Austria * 2.0-litre engine boosted to 306bhp * 299kg weight saving over existing TT S...

25 April 2013
Audi TT Ultra Quattro revealed

This is the Audi TT Ultra Quattro concept car, which will be at the Woerthersee GTI meeting in Austria on May 8.

It is expected to feature a more highly tuned version of Audis 2.0-litre TSFI engine, developing 306bhp and 295lb ft of torque. Audis previous best from this engine was 268bhp and 258lb ft in the TT S Coupe and Roadster.

To achieve the additional 38bhp and 37lb ft torque boost, the engine will probably be both turbocharged and supercharged, like the 1.4 TSI unit in the Skoda Fabia vRS.

The concept car points towards a replacement for the current TT RS, downsizing from the more powerful 2.5-litre turbocharged engine, which should mean improved fuel economy for the range-topping TT.

Despite having less power than the TT RS, the Ultra Quattro's 0-62mph time is expected to be a tenth quicker at 4.2 seconds, while top speed is identical at 174mph.

The concept car achieves these figures thanks to a claimed 299kg weight saving compared with the TT S, and a 339kg saving compared to the TT RS.

An extreme version of the TT weighing less than 1000kg was rumoured to have been developed as a lightweight project last year, with extensive use of aluminium and carbonfibre-reinforced plastic. The Ultra Quattro features similar materials in place of heavier steel parts.

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By Ed Callow