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Since 1999, the Audi TT Roadster has provided open-topped motoring for fashionistas everywhere. The combination of striking good looks, a high-quality interior and reasonable running costs has meant that the TT is now into its third generation. Unlike its hardtop equivalent, the Roadster has only two seats, but otherwise it has most of the same virtues.

Its main rivals are the BMW Z4 and Mercedes SLC, although unlike those cars the TT Roadster has a fabric hood rather than a folding metal roof. That might sound less secure, but it makes the Audi lighter, which in turns means it’s faster and more agile. The TT is also classier inside than its rivals, more practical and should hold on to its value better. Its hood is also seriously quick to do its business; we timed it at just nine seconds from up to fully down.

A range of four cylinder petrol and diesel engines are available with manual or automatic gearboxes and front or four-wheel drive. There’s also a hot TT RS that gets its very own review. Even the basic ones aren’t slow, however.

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