Can I still buy a car during the latest coronavirus lockdown?

Although car showrooms have been told to close, it is still possible to buy a car with many dealers saying they’ll sell in a Covid-safe way...

Click and collect forecourt

Car dealers across the UK are being told that showrooms must close once again during our third lockdown - but it is still possible to buy a new or used car during this time. 

During the previous lockdown in late 2020, car dealers were allowed to sell cars to customers online and let them take delivery via a contactless service, and many are saying they will continue to trade using this formula during the latest lockdown. 

Choosing a car and arranging finance for it is fairly easy to do remotely, especially with many dealers providing comprehensive descriptions, photos and videos online. 

It is not clear if test drives will be possible, however, with all non-essential travel discouraged. In the last lockdown they were allowed, using guidelines set down by the DVLA. Then, it stated that potential buyers could take solo test drives of cars provided they adhere to social distancing guidelines and the correct insurance is in place, and trade plates are displayed where appropriate. 

Disinfecting car

Cars can be collected from dealerships in no-contact formats with the keys and documents sanitised and placed in a sealed bag for the customer to collect. Cars are also sanitised prior to collection and many dealers are offering handover videos to talk buyers through the main controls of their new car, or Whatsapp video chats with the salesperson sitting in an identical car to run through the controls while the customer sits in their new car. 

Some dealerships are also providing contactless car delivery services, either for free or for a fee. 

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