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Car of the Year Awards 2021: Best executive car for comfort

A top-notch executive car must do it all – frugally and in style. Buyers want effortless long-haul capability, a comfortable and classy interior, and low benefit-in-kind tax rates...

Getting the very best comfort from an Audi A4 – our 2016 Car of the Year, no less – takes a few key spec choices. Start by selecting Technik or Sport trim; we prefer Technik for the better value it offers, but both come with our preferred Comfort Dynamic suspension, which is softer than S line models’ sports setup.

This gives you the smoothest-riding A4 – and executive car – you can buy, especially if you resist the urge to add anything larger than the default 17in or 18in wheels. Specced this way, it’s a cosseting all-rounder, dealing impressively with all manner of lumps and bumps yet controlling body movement well over dips and crests.

Audi A4 Avant interior

With a generous range of seat and steering wheel adjustments, any driver of any shape should be able to get comfortable behind the wheel, and four way lumbar support adjustment is standard.

What’s more, the A4’s minimalist dashboard layout is simple and easy to use (although the BMW 3 Series is better still in this respect) and the materials used are higher in quality than those of its rivals.

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