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Car of the Year Awards 2024: Best coupé and convertible for value

The best coupé and convertibles offer more than just eye-catching looks. We’re looking for cars that deliver an enjoyable driving experience, a practical interior and good value...

Best coupé and convertible for value

Fiat 500 Electric Convertible 42kWh

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The hybrid-powered Fiat 500C is the cheapest convertible you can buy, but we’d recommend paying a bit more for its electric sister, the Fiat 500 Electric Convertible, which is still very affordable by class standards and better in almost every way.

Fiat 500 Electric Convertible roof opening

For starters, it’s much newer; while the hybrid dates back to 2007, the 2021-born electric model feels much more modern and sophisticated. It’s better equipped and much better made (it isn’t far behind the Mini Convertible in this regard), and it’s easier to get comfortable in the front (although adults won’t want to sit in the back for long). Best of all, the electric 500C is more fun than the hybrid, with much more power (117bhp versus 69bhp) and a 0-62mph time of just 9.0sec, compared with the hybrid’s 13.8sec.

The 500C Electric’s closest rival, the Mini Electric Convertible, is much pricier and can’t go nearly as far on a charge (145 miles versus 191 miles, officially), and the 500C is more agile around town.

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