Deal of the day: Audi R8

* Save nearly £12,000 off the striking Audi R8 * Monstrous performance from its 5.2-litre V10 * Quattro all-wheel drive for supreme traction...

Deal of the day: Audi R8

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The car: Audi R8 5.2 FSI V10 Quattro
The saving: £11,967
The discounted price: £102,868
The broker:

The big German manufacturers often dabble with the idea of producing a supercar, but often they’re so rarefied that prices become astronomical. The Audi R8 is designed to take the ‘everyday supercar’ title from the evergreen Porsche 911 and comes complete with a mid-mounted V10 engine and four-wheel drive.

As you’d expect, the R8 is utterly ballistic. The 5.2-litre motor has torque spread broadly across the rev range and always seems to be ready to launch you into license-losing territory. The manual gearbox has a precise and accurate feeling and a metal gate similar to those fitted to old Ferraris.

It’s good when the going gets twisty, too. The four-wheel drive system shuffles power across the axles to ensure you always have maximum grip and makes the R8 feel safe at high speeds. There’s almost no body roll due to the stiff suspension but despite this it manages to stay relatively comfortable over bumps.

An R8 will never qualify as a sensible purchase but, for a supercar, it’s reasonably hassle-free. Desirability is incredibly high meaning resale values are rock-solid and the engine and drivetrain are well proven. The space behind the seats is also big enough to fit a few sets of golf clubs if you really must.

It’s a supercar and comes with the bills to prove it. Insurance, tax, fuel, tyres and servicing will be astronomically expensive so you have to be prepared to spend lots of money keeping the R8 on the road. Equally, if you don’t want lots of attention as you drive about you might want to consider the more understated Porsche 911.

In fact, if you’re considering an R8 then you should also look at the 911 as its cabin is more upmarket. The R8’s interior is solid and attractive but feels slightly old-fashioned compared to the much newer Porsche and features some switchgear borrowed from discontinued Audi models.

Other small areas of the driving experience struggle to match the Porsche, too. The steering is slower making the front feel less agile, the cabin isn’t quite as refined on the move and, if you choose it, the S Tronic auto isn’t quite as intuitive as the PDK unit in the Porsche. Despite this, the R8 still looks more like a supercar than the 911.

Should I add any options?
Unlike many Audis, most of the essential kit is included as standard. Leather upholstery, climate control, satellite-navigation and alloy wheels are all standard.

However, if you’re in a rush to spend all your money you can specify expensive interior and exterior trims and paint finishes. Carbon ceramic brakes are a hugely expensive option but might be worth it if you’re planning on doing lots of track days.

What next?
Head to and select Audi and R8 from the drop-down menus to see the range of deals available.

If you choose, you can take Audi’s finance offer with the R8, which drops another £3000 from the price meaning you can have this car for under £100,000.