Deal of the day: Audi TT

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Tom Webster
13 November 2014

Deal of the day: Audi TT

The new issue of What Car? is out now, and one of this month's group tests features the brand new Audi TT taking on its rivals.

Without spoiling the result, it is fair to say that the new TT is quite good. Discounts on cars this new are hard to come by, but we have found a saving that, while not massive, is worth having.

The car Audi TT 2.0 TFSI Sport
The saving £524
The discounted price £29,336
The broker


The previous Audi TT was a fantastically successful car, and picked up the What Car? Coupe of the Year prize six years running. The pressure is on for the new one to continue this run, but the initial signs are very good. It is great fun to drive, with a fantastic amount of grip, brilliant agility and a lightweight construction that helps with handling and economy.

That would be great on its own, but there's more - the interior is brilliant as well. It has Audi's all-new dashboard layout that features a huge 12.2-inch screen behind the steering wheel with all the driving information. It means the dash is free of clutter, while the materials feel brilliant.

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There isn't much to crticise, but the fact that it is a coupe works against it when compared to some of its rivals. The rear seats are useless for adults, and even children will feel cramped - a problem that doesn't exist in the likes of the Seat Leon SC.

The relatively high list price is negated slightly by this deal, but you will still want to add some extras.

Should I add any options?

There are a couple of key options missing on the TT that many buyers will want to add. Satellite-navigation is one, but at £1795 it is a costly extra. Parking sensors will cost you £840 up front and £430 at the rear.

What next?

Head to for this deal, and select Audi and TT from the dropdown menus.