Deal of the Day: Suzuki Celerio

Grab a tidy £515 saving on a Suzuki Celerio 1.0 Dualjet SZ3...

03 December 2015

Deal of the Day: Suzuki Celerio

In our recent True MPG test of small petrol cars, the plucky Suzuki Celerio came out on top, beating even the Toyota Yaris Hybrid and Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion.

The Celerio’s True MPG of 62.9 is a figure that many diesels would struggle to reach, and guarantees low running costs.

The car Suzuki Celerio 1.0 Dualjet SZ3 5dr
The saving £515
The discounted price £7983
The online broker


The spacious interior is rare for a city car. Although it has five seats, trying to cram three adults in the back would be unkind; two will fit perfectly comfortably though. The boot is class-leadingly capacious, too.

The ride is firm, without being bone-shaking, and it’s more fun than a car of this price ought to be. The gearbox is slick in use, too.

Low running costs complement its budget-city-car market position perfectly.


There are cheap plastics throughout the cabin, the design of which has very little flair. It's hard to expect a plush cabin at this price, though.

The exterior styling is cohesive and modern, but isn’t inspiring or overly distinctive. Again, at this price, you shouldn’t expect the premium look or feel of, say, a Volkswagen Up! or quirky appeal of the Toyota Aygo.

Should I add any options?

Not at this price, especially not the £415 that Suzuki asks for metallic paint. It comes with DAB, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, six airbags and remote central locking, so equipment, if basic, isn’t stingy.

What next?

Head over to, select 'Suzuki', then 'New Suzuki Celerio Deals', then look for the 1.0 Dualjet SZ3 5dr.