Discounts now available on Volkswagen Up

* VW Up discounts available * Savings of more than 600 * Discounts on new Volkswagen CC, too...

Discounts now available on Volkswagen Up
30 Jan 2012 12:40

Discounts are already starting to appear on our 2012 Car of the Year, the Volkswagen Up. is offering our favourite version, the High Up, for 9748 a discount of 640. We found a discount of 538 on the same model at, and 411 off at

The entry-level Take Up can be bought for 7539, a saving of 455; quotes 7588 and lists it at 7705.

The Bluemotion Tech variant, with a 9330 list price, is available for 8784 at, 8450 at and 8972 at

In addition, substantial discounts are already available on the new Volkswagen CC, with savings of more than 3,000 on some models. The 2.0 TSI GT DSG, listed at 29,685, can be bought for 26,562 through

Dan Alcock