Electric car maker rescued

* Buyout saves Nice Car Company * Car supplier Aixam Mega to run firm * Manager insists electric car sales will grow...

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What Car? Staff
15 January 2009

Electric car maker rescued

Electric vehicle manufacturer Aixam Mega has bought the rival Nice Car Company, which went into administration in November.

The Nice Car Company previously marketed Aixam Mega's range of electric cars.

Following the sale, Aixam Mega will operate the Nice Car Company's sales and service facilities in London, where it will sell its Mega City all-electric car and the Mega Multitrucks range of ultra-light commercial vehicles.

Aixam Megas UK general manager Lawrence Holland said: 'We have retained the key sales and service facilities, as well as some personnel, to make the transfer of business as seamless as possible.

'Mega drivers should be reassured that it is now business as normal.'

Holland also predicted that sales of electric cars would pick up, despite a recent drop-off as fuel prices fell and cars from mainstream manufacturers became greener.

He said: 'Sales of electric vehicles have slowed during the recent economic downturn, but over the longer term sales have been growing steadily.

'We believe that this growth will continue and that electric cars will buck the trends affecting the wider automotive sector.'