Fiat Tipo vs Vauxhall Astra

We pitch Fiat's new budget-priced family hatchback against the highly proficient Vauxhall Astra...

Fiat Tipo vs Vauxhall Astra

Our verdict

The new Fiat Tipo can only go down as a disappointment – it simply has too many flaws to compete at this price.

Yes, it has a big boot, a gutsy engine and a decent amount of standard kit, but the Vauxhall Astra isn’t far behind in those areas and yet trounces its Italian rival for handling, interior quality and refi nement. The fact the Astra will work out cheaper for most buyers only makes its victory more convincing.

1st – Vauxhall Astra


Fiat Tipo vs Vauxhall Astra

For Excellent fuel economy; roomy rear seats; smart interior; good to drive

Against Long gearing blunts performance; overly light steering at speed

Verdict A fine family hatchback that’s brilliant value for money

Rated 4 out of 5

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2nd – Fiat Tipo


Fiat Tipo vs Vauxhall Astra

For Sharp looks; gutsy engine; plenty of standard kit; big boot

Against Disappointing to drive; cheap interior; noisy; high leasing costs

Verdict Not cheap enough to make up for its numerous flaws

Specifications: Fiat Tipo 1.6 Multijet 120 Easy Plus

Engine size1.6-litre diesel

List price £17,486

Target Price £16,405

Power 118bhp @ 3750rpm

Torque 236lb ft @ 1750rpm

0-60mph 9.9sec

Top speed 124mph

Gov't fuel economy 76.3mpg

True MPG 49.1mpg

CO2 emissions 98g/km

Specifications: Vauxhall Astra 1.6 CDTi 110 Design

Engine size 1.6-litre diesel

List price £18,195

Target Price £16,983

Power 108bhp @ 3500rpm

Torque 221lb ft @ 1750-2000rpm

0-60mph 10.6sec

Top speed 121mph

Gov't fuel economy 78.5mpg

True MPG 56.3mpg

CO2 emissions 95g/km


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