Fiat unveils Punto Evo

* Grande dropped, Evo added * To be revealed at Frankfurt motor show * UK deliveries March 2010...

Fiat unveils Punto Evo

Fiat's updated Punto has dropped the 'Grande' badge only to replace it with 'Evo'. Meet the Fiat Punto Evo.

The Punto Evo will be revealed in the metal at the Frankfurt motor show later this month, but it will be March 2010 before UK customers can get their hands on one.

The Punto Evo is longer than the model it replaces, the front of the bonnet now looks similar to the Fiat 500's and the front and rear lights have also been restyled. The dashboard, instruments and seats have been renewed which, Fiat says, make the Punto Evo 'more prestigious and elegant'.

The full engine line-up has yet to be revealed, but Fiat has confirmed that its cleanest engines those that are Euro 5-emissions compliant will come with engine stop-start systems, where the engine switches off and restarts in stop-and-go traffic.

The Punto Evo will come with seven airbags, including a driver's knee airbag as standard.

Portable sat-nav
Fiat and TomTom have also developed a portable 'infotainment' system that combines telephone, navigation and information functions in one unit, called Blue&Me TomTom.

It includes TomTom's 'IQ Routes' for the fastest route and accurate arrival times, and 'eco:Drive Info' for real-time information on driving style and suggestions for getting better fuel economy.

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