First Nissan Leaf landfall today

* First regular shipment of electric car * 67 cars land in the North East today * Will be with customers soon...

First Nissan Leaf landfall today

The first shipment of Nissan's all-electric Leaf lands in the North East of England today.

The 67 battery-powered electric Leafs on board the City of St Petersburg are the first of many regular shipments of the car.

Besides boasting about the zero exhaust emissions of the Leaf, and it's 109 mile range, Nissan is also proud of the fact that the City of St Petersburg is also fuel efficient. Its clever bow saves 800 tonnes of fuel, and cuts 2500 tonnes of CO2, in a year thanks.

The Leaf will be continue to be imported from Japan until production of the car starts at the companys Sunderland factory in 2013. Sunderland will start to make the li-ion batteries which power the car from next year.