Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram

Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram

Few areas of the American car market are more hotly fought over than the pick-up truck market, and the arrival of a new Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram got the locals in a tizz in Detroit.

The environment wasn't so pleased, though, as neither vehicle is what you'd call economical.

However, there was a significance in the details of both vehicles' engine ranges.

The F-150, which has been the USA's best-selling truck for 31 years now, features an E85 compatible 5.4-litre V8 in its line-up, as well as refined 4.6-litre two- and three-valve units. Across the three, average savings of 1mpg have been made.

Meanwhile, the Ram is powered by gas-guzzling 377bhp 5.7-litre, 307bhp 4.7-litre or 212bhp 3.7-litre units. However, it is noteworthy that each unit offers lower emissions for greater power outputs.

Make no mistake, these vehicles are still built with function in mind, but when even the truck-driving cowboys want their cars to be greener, you know America has got the message about the car's contribution to pollution.

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