Half-price Nissan Leaf: buy one for less than 11k

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Half-price Nissan Leaf: buy one for less than 11k

What Car? has uncovered a deal which means you can buy a new Nissan Leaf for just £10,831 – or around half of its list price.

Online broker Drivethedeal.com is offering a whopping £5158 off the Visia Flex model – and that's before you've taken off the Government's £5000 plug-in car discount. That means you get a total saving of £10,158 off the car's £20,989 list price.

You can get an additional £1800 discount if you are an owner of the previous-generation car, which brings the price down to £9031.

The Nissan Leaf Flex models are available only if you lease the battery separately. The monthly cost starts at £70 per month, which gives you a 7500-mile limit on a three-year contract.

However, if you want to buy the car and the battery outright, the standard Visia model has a saving just as big. Its £25,990 list price tumbles to £15,913 after a £5077 discount and the £5000 grant. Existing owners get the same £1800 loyalty bonus on this deal, too.

The cars supplied are new, so the buyer is the first registered keeper on the logbook. These deals won't be available at your local Nissan dealer, so you'll need to visit Drivethedeal.com if you want to take advantage of them.

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