Honda Civic Type R long-term test review

The Type R is our Hot Hatch of the Year for 2018, so it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face whenever you drive it enthusiastically, but how well does it stack up as a family motor?...

Honda Civic Type R long-termer at Anglesea track front

The car: Honda Civic Type R GT 2.0 VTEC Turbo manual

Run by: Claire Evans, consumer editor

Why it’s here: To find out if the sheer brilliance it possesses on the track and on a fast country road translates to liveable road manners and enough practicality for everyday use

Needs to: Take the dullness out of the daily commute and double as a family hold-all at the weekends without breaking the bank for running costs

Price £33,525 Price as tested £33,525 Miles 2937 Official economy 36.1mpg Test economy 35.4mpg Options fitted None

19 October 2018 – Type R impresses, even compared with supercars 

I loaned the Type R to my colleague, Ben Summerell-Youde, earlier this month for a 600-mile round trip to the Anglesea Circuit, where he was helping out with the annual Autocar Britain's Best Driver's Car test. Here’s what Ben had to say about the Civic. 

Honda Civic Type R at Anglesea track rear

“I would always choose to take a hot hatch on a trip like this because even though for most of it I will be stuck in traffic and churning out motorway miles, the last 50 miles of twisty Welsh roads are what the Type R was born for. 

“Predictably, the Type R was fast and grippy, with the quick and direct steering inspiring bags of confidence. What surprised me, though, was just how much more comfortable this one is compared with its predecessor. 

“Its road and wind noise levels were down, and its bucket seats had excellent support, as well as being soft enough for this kind of trip. Even in the Sport setting, where the throttle sensitivity is at its best, the ride seemed perfectly judged.

“After two days driving a selection of the latest sport and supercars, which all had their compromises, I was very happy to drive home in the Type R, which, I bet, is just as fast (and almost as exciting) in the real world without needing a V8 or a team of tyre fitters to get the most from it.” 

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