Honda E long-term test: report 3

There's a lot to like about the Honda E, but can you live with the short range in the real world? We're running one to find out...

Honda E parked outside

The car Honda E Advance Run by Mark Tisshaw, special contributor

Why it’s here To see if you really need the extra range offered by rivals day to day, and to see how the E manages on longer journeys when charging stops are required.

Needs to Be quick to charge so disruption is minimised on longer journeys, and offer something a little special to justify its high price.

Mileage 2261 List price £32,160 (before £3000 gov't grant) Target Price £32,160 Price as tested £32,710 Test range 95 miles Official range 125 miles

1 October 2020 – Homestead hero

A few months into E ownership and I’m long since over any concerns over the circa 100-mile range. Simply, this is the second car for a household, designed for short, local journeys. Make peace with that and you can really begin to enjoy this tiny Honda.

As in much of the UK, my home has now become my office and my 50-mile round-trip commute (which the E would have been ideal for, given that I can charge at either end) has been replaced by a series of local trips that are never more than a few miles. To that end, I’m only charging it around once per week.

Even on those short journeys, each drive reveals something new about the E. I’m enjoying the excellent visibility, the wider field of rear vision offered by the rear-view cameras, the spaciousness afforded to the front passengers with no centre tunnel between them, and of course that brisk performance and tight turning circle.

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