How big?

How big?

Up on a turntable for our studio photos, the new Ibiza looks huge. It's more than four metres long - about the size of a VW Golf only a decade ago. The width and height are pretty much the same, but there's been a 100mm increase in the wheelbase.

That length isn't translated into overly generous rear passenger space, although the Ibiza will meet most requirements.

The hollowed-out backs of the front seats help kneeroom, but with a six-footer up front, anyone behind will find their lower legs nudging the seat immediately ahead. At least there's plenty of padding to prevent shin bones looking like they've had a going-over from a pub football team's hatchet man.

Headroom? It's okay for anyone below six-feet tall. The boot is said to be best in class at more than 300 litres, albeit with a deep lip.

Big the Ibiza may be, but lardy it most certainly is not. Weight has been shaved all over the place, to
the extent that the new car is actually around 25kg lighter than the outgoing model.

The instruments pay homage to Alfa Romeo, with the dials housed in two metallic-effect tubes beneath a sort of sun visor.

The switchgear, although obviously from VW central supplies, is smart and arranged pretty much where you'd want it, and there's a fully adjustable driving position. No complaints there.