How to spec a BMW 4 Series

Our guide to BMW's award-winning coupé covers which options to consider, which to avoid and how much to pay for it all...

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Whether you love or hate its looks, the latest BMW 4 Series is the best coupé you can buy in 2021, and the deserving winner of our Coupé of the Year Award. 

We love the 4 Series for its engaging driving style, its smart interior and its decent practicality, and with our recommended 181bhp 420i petrol engine under the bonnet, it strikes an impressive balance between performance and running costs. Our full review can tell you more about what the 4 Series is like to drive and to live with, but here we're focussing on which version you should go for.

Go for M Sport trim, as most BMW buyers do, and you'll be off to a fine start, because heated seats, three-zone climate control and 18in alloy wheels come as standard. There are still plenty of ways to add more luxury to the 4 Series, though, without blowing your budget.